Ramaya Soskin


Creative Coaching
for Aspiring Artists



   My interests in mentorship are grounded in music as both a creative and empowering force. Exploring and sharing music can help us to welcome our vulnerabilities, make friends with our inner critic, and walk towards the “stage fright” we can face in our daily lives as well. I believe that developing confidence in our self-expression and self-worth is key to living a fulfilled and empowered life... and music is just plain fun.

Why do we love music? 

   Music is what feelings sound like. Everything is vibration and we can choose the spells we cast on ourselves through music. What emotions do you like to connect with through music? Who are your musical heroes, how does their music make you feel? How does music connect us to others? Learning to express ourselves through healthy creative mediums like music is key to understanding our own empowerment and the positive contributions we can make in life.

Discovering your talents.

   What are you passionate about? What types of music, voices and instruments excite you? Now is the time to dive in, to uncover your gifts and develop confidence in your ability to express them, to shine. 


Mentorship Offerings:

Fun is number one! The simple joy of music is where we begin.

Developing confidence in your creative self-expression.

Exploring your musical influences and heroes.

Fostering your natural gifts and talents.

Encouraging your inner singer/songwriter.

Understanding music as a healing tool.

Intro to voice, guitar, bass, piano, harmonica, percussion.

Basic music theory: Chords, scales, melody, rhythm, harmony, tuning, etc.

Guitar types explained: Classical, Acoustic, Electric.

Guitar effects pedals: Reverb, delay, distortion, wah-wah,
tremolo, loop samplers, harmonizers, octave, volume, etc.

Guitar techniques: Strumming, finger picking, palm muting, string bending,
hammer-ons, pull-offs, vibrato, slides, harmonics, etc.

Songwriting techniques, beginning to advanced.

Writing lyrics, discovering your message.

Tools of the trade. Working with PA’s, microphones, amps, mixing boards, eq's, etc.

Creating a band, booking your gigs, rehearsing.

Intro to music industry, managers and booking agents.

Intro to live performance, open-mikes.

Opportunity to share the stage with me at a local "Troubadours" show.

Music studio basics and equipment: Digital to Audio converters, 
pre-amps, compressors, monitors, microphones, cable types, etc.

Recording your music on a computer, using a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).
Programs include GarageBand, Logic Pro, Ableton Live, ProTools. 

Producing a CD. Digital Distribution, iTunes, Bandcamp, YouTube, etc.

Creating music websites.

Promoting your art, posters, email lists, Facebook Event pages.

Field trips to local music studios and venues.



30+ years of music experience in songwriting, recording, performing and touring (US & Europe).

Released multiple albums, founded several bands, and performed at most of the venues
in the Boulder and Denver area including Redrocks, Fillmore, Fox and Boulder Theater.

Founder / Organizer of “Troubadours”, a monthly local music showcase, 18+ years.

B.A. in Music from Naropa University.

Woodsongs Alumni. #1 Local Boulder Music Shop.

Certified Meditation / Yoga teacher.


The Next Step:

If you or someone you love (a child, parent, partner or friend, or some creative sensitive soul) could benefit from the support of a Music Mentor, please email me through the contact link above to discuss any details regarding mentorship, availability, and current rates.